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Carmelite Recommended Readings


2017-18 Formation Schedules

The following are links to theĀ current homework schedules for individuals in the various stages of Carmelite formation with the St. John of the Cross Confraternity in Ann Arbor:

Visitors (3 – 6 months)

Aspirant (12 sessions)

Scapular (24 sessions)

Temporary Promises (36 sessions)

Definitive Promises and Ongoing Formation

– 2017-18 reading schedule


“Distractions in Prayer: Blessing or Curse?”
St. Teresa of Avila’s Teachings in The Interior Castle

By Sister Vilma Seelaus, OCD

We all have distractions in prayer. Those pesky thoughts that come into our heads that cause us to stray in our thoughts from prayers, the rosary meditation, or even during the Mass. How would you like to find out that these distractions are really a blessing and an encouragement to a deeper relationship with JESUS?

Sister Vilma Seelaus, OCD in her book “Distractions in Prayer: Blessing or Curse?” Takes us through St. Teresa of Avila’s book “The Interior Castle” and shows us how each room has its own set of distractions and shows us how these distractions can in some instances be a way for GOD to be able to draw us more closely to HIM.

Of course, some distractions do need to be discerned because they really are from the evil one, but those are the distractions that leave us restless and anxious. But other distractions may be a message from GOD and that message will keep bothering us until we pay attention to it.

This book is available at Our Lady of Grace Bookstore located in Lobby C of Domino’s Farms, 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, right across the street from Christ the King Catholic Church.